Thank you to these fine poets, to our selection committee and guest
judge, and to everyone who nominated poems or made a donation to
make this award possible. Due to your generosity and desire to
celebrate poets, we were able to award $1,000 this year, in memory
of Nina Riggs.

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Congratulations to
winner of the 2020 Nina Riggs Poetry Award for
her poem "Good Mother."

                              Melissa Crowe
for "Dear Terror, Dear Splendor," of which Maria Hummel writes:

"Melissa Crowe's "Dear Terror, Dear Splendor" is structurally
brilliant: a letter composed directly to the pain and joy of
motherhood, on the eve of her daughter's learning to drive. There's a
devastating precision to Crowe's lines, in the repetition of the sound
"or" in her title words and her slow, tense advance into a night
shadowed by future partings. Even among the many skillfully crafted
finalist poems, "Dear Terror, Dear Splendor" was a standout."


Traci Brimhall, "Oh, Wonder"
Tiana Clark, "A Louder Thing"
Carrie Fountain, "Will You?"
Keetje Kuipers, "Still Life with Small Objects of Perfect Choking Size"
Megan Peak, "What I Don't Tell My Mother about Ohio"
Thomas Reiter, "Companions"
Anna Ross, "One Time"
Molly Spencer, "A Wooing, Outright, of My Beloved Ones"
"Good Mother" was published in a 2018 issue of Tin House.

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A special thank you to our GUEST JUDGE, Maria Hummel, author
House and Fire (Copper Canyon Press), who writes:

"To read Rachel Eliza Griffiths
' "Good Mother" is to touch the live wire
of a daughter's grief, as she walks into a drugstore before Mother's
Day, looking for a card to give her lost mother. But Griffiths' real
electric miracle is how she passes on the maternal moment of grace
that follows--wrapping the reader in her dazzling imagery and long,
hymn-like lines. Both an elegy and a praise song to mothers
everywhere, the ones who give birth to us and the ones who step in to
shepherd us through dark times, "Good Mother" is a stunning,
complex, and deeply moving poem."